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La Aripuca de Iguazú

For more than 20 years, a family in Iguazu Argentina has been planting trees. More specifically, trees that are now in danger of becoming extinct due to the ruthless harvesting by man.

The Aripuca is a small trap built by the indigenous people of the Iguazu region of South America. The trap is designed to capture small animals without harming them.

This trap, La Aripuca de Iguazú, was the inspiration that triggered the life long venture to save the endangered trees of our planet. A giant Aripuca was built in an effort to trap or capture, not small animals, but the conscience of man.

The purpose of this website is to inform, educate, and stimulate interest in saving the trees of our planet.

We invite you to know a work of art in favor of natural resources.

La Aripuca de Iguazú

La Aripuca is a construction of many species of trees recovered from
The Forest of Misionera Argentina

Many of these trees are in danger of extinction.

You can support this ecological initiative by adopting a tree and becoming a tree protector.

It costs $30 U.S. Dollars to protect one tree for 30 years. For $60 U.S. Dollars, you can protect a tree for life. For life means that you can pass this tree on to your children. You will also receive a certificate indicating the type of tree and its location. In addition, your name will appear in the Aripuca Logs. The Aripuca Logs, is a list of those who have made contributions.

~ La Aripuca ~ 3370 ~Iguazu ~Argentina ~Tel. 03757-423488 ~

You are important and there is none like you.

Please fill out his form and send any
contributions to Sonia at
La Aripuca 3370 Iguazú, Argentina

We will soon have a more convenient method for making contributions.

Tree Sponsoring Program

Become a Godfather to an Endangered Tree

No Watering Required ~ No pruning Required ~ No Obligations
Visitation Rights Optional but Encouraged
Location: Argentina

Company Name:
If Applicable
Include Area/Country Code
Tree Species:
Pledge Amount:
$30 ~ $60 ~ $100 ~ (or any amount)


On behalf of all the trees on this planet,

We Thank You

e-mail Sonia at ~ laaripuca@hotmail.com

e-mail Isidro at ~ isidro@2globalvillage.com

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